It's been a year, almost to the day, since we arrived in Nashville.  It's hard to believe how quickly the time has gone, but when I think about everything we've packed in to the last 12 months it feels like we've been here for years.

I remember pulling into town in our Penske truck; it was night time and it felt funny to see our new town for the first time in the dark.  We woke up the next morning and could not believe how lush and green everything was.  Bright green everywhere we looked.  It was hard not to think of it metaphorically.  New beginnings, springtime, growth, change, etc.

It seemed like things sort of took off right away.  We met lots of people, all of whom were genuinely friendly and helpful, and we settled into a pretty dreamy lifestyle.  Almost daily walks through the park, fun dinners around town, great musical experiences, the beginning of some good friendships; we suspected we had found the right place for ourselves.

I started writing songs again.  I hadn't written anything I liked for a long time and all of a sudden I had a batch of tunes that didn't make me feel embarrassed.  I was invited to a weekly songwriter get-together, called the 'Song Salon', and felt doubly inspired by the talent and genuine supportive attitude of the other writers I met.  I felt a real desire to improve as a writer and musician, and the motivation to push myself up a level.

We made it through the heat of the summer and as fall approached we started talking about really settling in.  Then, all of a sudden there was a big whoosh of activity and by December we made an offer on a house.  It was a real close your eyes and jump moment for us.  For some reason we just trusted that things would be fine.

The holidays came and went in another big whoosh.  We came back to our new home and the new year felt like the beginning of something.

I spent the first couple of months writing lots of tv music and getting my studio space put together.  I fell off the songwriting wagon and stopped going to the Song Salon.  We adopted Jenny, a feisty little black and white ball of enthusiasm who has become the perfect companion to our first dog Louis.  I bought a recording console and spent a couple hours each morning for several weeks getting the thing cleaned up and working properly (sort of).  Anna took a job at Jeni's, a truly excellent ice cream shop in our neighborhood.  Lots of stuff happened in a short time.

Things have finally settled down a bit.  I feel like I can take a bit more time with things, work at a comfortable pace, and I'm starting to look for ways to become a member of the larger music community in town.

This week the bare trees have all grown their leaves back and the view from our back window is literally turning green before our eyes.  Once again I think of the obvious metaphors but this year feels slightly different.  I feel the usual surge of springtime energy and excitement, regrowth, change and all of that stuff.  But I also feel a sense of deepening roots, digging down and settling in.  It's good.