Milk Carton Kids

I've known Joey Ryan for 5 years or so.  He was one of the first songwriters I met and wrote with when I moved to Los Angeles in late 2007.  Talented, nice, and smart in an unassuming sort of way.  He seemed like a guy that had a real shot at poking his head above the Hotel Cafe songwriter scene.  I remember questioning his judgement when I heard that he was putting his solo career on hold so that he could record and tour as a duo with Kenneth Pattengale as The Milk Carton Kids.

I saw a show and understood.  Their voices are like peanut butter and jelly.  Joey's guitar playing is solid and foundational.  Kenneth plays gorgeous solos.  Their on stage banter is hilarious.  Dang.  This could be something special.

They've been working the old fashioned way for a couple of years now.  Touring, writing, touring, writing.  I get the impression that they want to build slow and steady, fan by fan, town by town.   It's exciting to watch; it seems like a very real, organic, honest thing.

Speaking of watching, they just played an NPR Tiny Desk Concert, which you can see here.

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