I suppose it's about time I make a note of my thoughts about our Nashville experience thus far.

I'll start with an explanation for our move.  We got the itch to do something new (which seems to happen every 6 months or so).  After our excellent experience living in Los Angeles I felt the need to live in another music city, and Nashville has been on my radar for a while.  The idea wasn't to come in search of fame and fortune.  I wanted to find my way into a community of music folks who work at a high level in a blue-collar sort of way; get up, go to work, do your best and go home at night.  I was around a lot of this in Los Angeles and wanted to get more of that experience.

We're one month in and it has been great.  Everyone we come across has been genuinely friendly.  We found a house in a great neighborhood that feels like a combination of some of my favorite places.  We have taken weekend trips to New Orleans and the Smoky Mountains.  We have seen world class musicians play at the neighborhood bars for tips.  I've met and worked on projects with a handful of excellent musicians, engineers and producers already.

On some level I had braced myself for a soul-sucking 'Nashvegas' experience; the Music Row pop country songwriter grind that outlines most people's pre-concieved notions of what this place is like.  I know that stuff is here, and I'll get some experience with it at some point, but so far I have felt nothing but artistic inspiration and a motivation to become a better musician.  I am hoping that a new record of my own, as well as collaborations with great artists, will come out of this experience.

In the meantime, I'm working away at my TV music experiment.  18 months ago I started writing instrumental 'cues' for lots of different TV shows.  I wrote hundreds of these little pieces last year and I'm on pace to do the same this year.  It's very satisfying in a craftsman sort of way, and I have to admit that I get a lot of pleasure out of hearing my music on TV.  It still amazes me that I have the opportunity to do this from the comfort of our spare bedroom.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to having more news to share.  I have a feeling this is going to be fun.