I've been on a documentary kick this week.  'Who is Harry Nilsson', 'No Direction Home' and Ken Burns' 'Jazz'.  All great.  A good documentary gives you something that you can't get just by listening to someone's music.  It provides context, both artistic and personal.  It's not just what was done and how they did it, but how it was influenced and why it stood out in the time it was being done that makes art important.

I find it interesting that, in spite of achieving significant success, many of these folks didn't consider themselves successful.  Harry Nilsson had written hit songs, made a truly great record, and was hanging around with the Beatles and he still didn't feel like he'd made it.   I suppose the relentless drive to reach unattainable heights is part of what makes a person great but it also seems to make them unhappy.

Speaking of unhappy, I'm writing this before having my coffee.  I'll sign off now and put the kettle on.