So far so good...

Yountville is a breath of fresh air.  We walk the neighborhood streets at a relaxed pace, noticing things for the first time and waiting for all of the oranges and grapefruit to ripen.  It is calm and quiet and there is room in our heads for conversation.  There seems to be more time in the day for things like reading and writing and taking our dog to one of the big parks in the area to give him a chance to run around and sniff and roll...

We moved up here in a hurry so that Anna could take a job at the French Laundry.  It was a dilemma; move to Yountville to pursue her career or stay in LA to pursue mine.  We found a compromise...I'll travel to LA to work for a week or two each month for as long as we can stand it.  Who knows how long that will last, but we're giving it a shot.

So I spent the last week in Los Angeles working sessions at The Bank.  It was fun to be back in the hustle and bustle.  I fell back into the studio schedule quite easily and it was a particularly fun week.  Highlights included working with David Ryan Harris, who is John Mayer's touring guitar player and a very nice dude.  Another project was being produced and engineered by the guys who worked on The Fray records and other recognizable radio hits.  At the end of the week we recorded a string quartet which was quite excellent and fun to watch.  I learned a ton and had a great time.  I felt lucky to be there.

I'm back in Yountville now.  Last night we walked down the street to a restaurant, sat on the patio in 60 degree weather, sipped beer and told stories.  We walked home, stopping for a moment to sit on a park bench and watch a train decorated with Christmas lights roll by.  We are worlds away from the buzzing bee hive that is Los Angeles.  It feels like I have a foot in each place and I like it.    

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