Los Angeles

Well, through a twisty turn of events Anna and I have found ourselves living in Los Angeles. It was a choice made intentionally and in sound body and mind.

So far, so good. We are living in an apartment just a few blocks south of the Hollywood Hills. We have eaten delicious things and we've been to the beach. Everything else is just details.

Wait, no...actually, everything else is quite exciting! I proposed the move because I wanted to push myself into a new situation. I wanted to develop new skills, start new projects and meet new people. A month and a half into the process I can say that I've already made great progress in each of these departments.

I'll give you a brief rundown.

First, my friend Zac Rae offered me a job in his excellent studio, The Bank. He owns it with drummer extraordinaire Joey Waronker. It is special. Projects I have been around for include Eleni Mandell produced by Joe Chiccarelli, Ed Romanoff and Ian Axel, both produced by John Alagia, and Carina Round produced by she and Dan Burns. It has been amazing.

Also, I have had the fantastic privilege of working with Matt Hales, aka, Aqualung. We have done a bit of writing and recording, and we played a couple of duo shows this month. It has been amazing.

There is more and there will be more to come but I have suddenly grown antsy.  I'm signing off.