2010 1/2

Now that we're nearly midway through 2010 I am ready to write my first blog of the year.

I haven't been playing many of my own shows.  I didn't intend to take a break but I've had some fun projects come up which have occupied most of my time.  My old friends Stagger and Sway asked me to help make their first full length record and a new friend Nick Dothee asked me to help make an EP.  I gladly obliged.

Then, my friend Krista Polvere asked me to play guitar on her tour opening for Aqualung.  I hadn't toured in a real tour bus before and I was feeling the itch to see the country again, so I said yes.  It was both exhausting and exhilarating.  I spent three weeks in the company of some very fine, creative folks and came home with my well of motivation overflowing.  Aqualung, aka Matt Hales, turned out to be an excellent guy.  He offered bits of advice that I have been needing to hear and is an example of how someone can be both a family man and a successful musician.

I'm not exactly sure what the second half of 2010 will bring.  A new record?  Another tour?  There are some bright fuzzy shapes on the horizon...I'm excited to see what they look like close up.