My office

I have a serious fascination with recording studios and music work spaces.  I absolutely love being in the environment.  I geek out looking at studio pics on recording forums like Gearslutz and TapeOp...I thought it was about time that I post pics of the space where I work.

Shortly after moving to Seattle, my friends from the band Reily offered me the use of their little studio space.  They let me move all of my gear in and set up shop.  It's modest; just a tiny one car garage with some drywall and carpet, but it is a great space for me to work without distraction.  I love it.

Decorations are courtesy of Grant and Dave.


Blake Mitchell said...

Those little lights are quite nice! It's a very nice office and it seems to have all the tools you need to do your work. That's the important thing, really. All office spaces have to work well with the people in them.

Faye Acklin said...

Oh, so that a garage has been converted into an office? How convenient! It seems like a fun place to work in...