Listen closely: if you are a fan of fantastic songwriting and intimate live shows, go see Slaid Cleaves.

I opened for him at the Tractor in Seattle last night. I felt good; played well, didn't forget any words, didn't tell too many long and boring stories...I finished the set feeling good about my offering, and the audience reinforced the feeling buy applauding loudly and buying a ton of cd's. Hot dog!

Then Slaid got up and it became clear that I was watching a guy who has mastered the craft. Every song was great. Not a single line out of place, and he set the songs up with perfectly told stories and anecdotes. When a performer is truly great they have a way of becoming invisible; you are engaged in the show without being distracted by the performer. It's smooth, seamless, dreamlike, and they don't do anything to wake you out of the feeling. By the end of the show I felt like I had received an education in the art of performing.

This sort of thing is not well represented by clips on YouTube. You have to be in the room.

Speaking of Youtube, I posted a video of Ten Cent Souvenir from last night's show.


Anonymous said...

It was a great show, Ehren, and I've been enjoying the CD in the meantime. Quick suggestion: send your CD to the producers/music supervisors of the show "Saving Grace" - you've got just the right style and tone for the show!

Ehren Ebbage said...

Thanks Karen! I'll send it their way.

BTW...did I see you in Queen Anne last night? If not it must have been your twin.

Anonymous said...

Yes, probably! I live in Queen Anne. In fact, I think I remember thinking, "That guy looked like Ehren!" but I thought it unlikely. Funny!