Wage Slaves finale

Another week went by so quickly. Honestly, this whole year has flown by in a blur. I'm looking forward to a bit of time to rest and write in my new digs in Seattle.

The Sunday show at Mississippi Pizza in Portland was great. Some friends came out to support and I felt really happy to play for them. The set flowed nicely, I didn't forget very many words and I kept the awkward banter to a minimum. I tried a new approach to merchandise sales, too; I left a stack of cd's by the tip jar and told the audience to help themselves to a cd for whatever they could afford. When I was done playing the cd's were gone and the tip jar was full. Nice.

On Monday I taught the first day of a week-long rock band camp for kids. I've done this for a few years in a row and every year I have fun. The kids are totally excited to play some tunes with a full band and I'm glad to have a week to spend teaching the subtleties of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'.

Another fun thing: Wage Slaves wraps up its season with episode 6 this week! Created by Chris Bolton, Wage Slaves is a web-based series about the baristas at the fictional 'Rose City Coffee'. Many of the songs on my record were used as the soundtrack for the entire series, and I make a cameo in a few episodes including the one this week. I've written a more detailed description in recent blogs but the best way to find out about it is to see for yourself.

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