The shrinking/expanding world of the internet

A few months ago I bought a couple of microphones from a guy named Mike Jasper in Austin, Texas. He posted them for sale on a recording forum called Gearslutz. As a precaution, we spoke on the phone before the money and mics were exchanged. Turns out he's a baseball fan as well as a writer for TapeOp, a recording mag I love. We chatted for a bit about music and ballgames and he told me about a songwriter friend of his, a guy named Slaid Cleaves. I hadn't heard Slaid before so I checked him out online. Wow...he's good!

Mike and I stayed in touch via email and he asked me to take part in a panel for an upcoming article in TapeOp. I did, and sure enough I got to see my name in print in one of my favorite magazines. Cool.

Then, I moved to Seattle. I was booking shows as I usually do and I noticed that Slaid Cleaves is coming to town in September, playing at The Tractor Tavern. I happen to know the guy who books the Tractor...I asked him if I could open the show and he gave me the gig. September 20th...tell your friends.

I'm thinking back to the days before the internet. This would never have happened. The internet has drawn the corners of the world within easy reach, making these sorts of connections an almost daily experience.

Old news, I know, but sometimes it's fun to think about how we managed before technology came along.

Anyway, here's video of Slaid playing a tune called 'Cry'.

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