I have always loved Seattle. Now I live here.

Anna and I moved two days ago after a whirlwind couple of months of big life changes. Marriage, trip to Italy, deaths in the family, career moves, etc., etc. We’ve been busy. Somehow in the midst of everything it became clear that we wanted to leave Eugene in search of new opportunities, so we did. She interviewed for a job, a week later they gave her the nod and within 48 hours we were in Seattle.

I’m excited. There is a community of artists here that rivals any in the country. I have seen it from the periphery and now I can jump in. I’ll take a cue from my buddy John Shipe; when he moved to SoCal last year he immediately hit the open mic circuit. It seemed like a step backwards for someone who has been playing professionally for years, but within a few weeks he connected with a ton of local music fans and made a few good friends.

Last night I played at an open mic for the first time in years. Molly Maguire’s is a cool little Irish pub in Ballard. It’s like Cheers where everybody knows each other. When my turn came up I played my tunes and felt warmly received. Looks like I may be invited to play a songwriter in the round show this week.

It’s hard to know what will come of this move. It happened fast and without much forethought, but it’s a step in the right direction. As my friend Joe once said, “How can I look when I’m already leaping?”


Anonymous said...

Ehren, congratulations on your "leap"! I firmly believe that when you reach out, the universe will meet you half-way. With your talent and sincerity, I truly wish you much happiness and success.

Andrea Burlingame,
Fan since I heard you at the RedHare in Astoria

Andrew Fickes said...

Welcome to Seattle, Ehren. I'll have to see you sometime soon. Any open mics or shows coming up for you?