Hello, Buffalo

I can't believe it's been so many weeks since my last entry. Time is flying. For those of you whose lives and happiness depend on reading my updates, please accept my sincere apology.

So, I'm in Buffalo, Wyoming. You learn something new every day...like, there is such a place as Buffalo, Wyoming. I haven't actually seen anything here. I got to town late last night and went straight to the Motel 6. I woke up this morning and looked out the window to get a sense for what the place is like, but there's a Holiday Inn blocking all of the view. I guess I'll have to leave the lap of luxury to explore Buffalo further. One thing I know for sure is that it is windy. Seriously windy. From the time I arrived last night until now the wind has been blowing hard like when you're driving on the freeway with the window down.

Anyway, since my last entry I have been busy. The California tour ended well. Zac Rae sat in with me at the Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles (the show was recorded and I'm giving away a couple of mp3s at the link to your left). Anna, Louis and I made the 800 mile drive home in one long day.

The following day I resumed work on a record with Patrick Kavaney. His record is coming along well and the finish line is in sight. A week or so later I left for Seattle where I worked on a record with Reily. They booked some studio time at Orbit Audio in Pioneer Square and I had the pleasure of working on the very same console that Guns and Roses used to record Appetite for Destruction. At least that's what Joe the owner told me. He may have just wanted to see me giggle. Reily's record has been long in the making...we started the project a year and a half ago. It's fun to hear side by side comparisons of stuff I engineered at different times. I heard some progress in my skills, which felt nice. On a side note, Tat's Deli around the block from the studio makes a great cheese steak.

I left Seattle a couple of days ago...wow...seems like weeks. I drove 815 miles directly to Billings, Montana to play for the students at Montana State. Christine and the rest of the Student Activities Board were gracious hosts and bout me lunch, dinner, and a mango smoothie for the road. I left Billings at around 8 last night and drove a couple of hours down I-90, stopped at the Motel 6 here in Buffalo, and that brings us up to date. Now, I'll find some bfast, a large coffee, and continue on to Laramie where I will play for some more college students.

Oh...check out Slaid Cleaves.