Tour blog 3 / Aussie press!

Yesterday felt like vacation. Woke up, lazed around a bit, went for a run, layed in the grass, wrote a blog, looked for gear on craigslist, went downtown for some excellent tacos...I didn't have to be at the University of the Pacific until 7pm, and it was a mere 25 miles away (we drove almost 1ooo miles over the two days prior). For the past two months I have been frantically booking two tours, making records with folks, planning a wedding, etc., etc. I haven't had any real opportunity to decompress. It's funny to think that this tour might actually provide me with a chance to relax.

The show was fine...college shows can be so hit or miss. The student production staff was great, the campus was beautiful, but the show itself was a little bit underwhelming. The students were kinda half listening and more interested in the March Madness ballgame on tv, I guess. Just one of those gigs where it takes a little extra effort to get into the tunes and play with enthusiasm. They invited me back and I'll happily do it, but I might need to bring a box of fireworks or a clown or something.

It's probably for the best. I got some fun news yesterday and if the gig had been any better my head may have swelled up. My friend Jenny Queen released her record this month. She's based in Sydney, Australia and is signed to ABC Records. I co-wrote the majority of the tunes with her and I've been eagerly awaiting the release. Well, it's out and she's getting some press. Jenny tells me that The Australian is 'one of the two big newspapers, like a smart USA Today'...they reviewed the record and interviewed her, and she talked a bit about our writing process. You can go to any newstand in Australia and get a paper, or you can read the article online HERE.

Congrats, Jenny, and thanks for the shout out!

Tonight I play in Oakland at a cool club called the Uptown with some of my oldest friends.

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