Fine tuning a process

Part of what I enjoy about my current lifestyle is the variety; yesterday I worked with my friend James West on a short film score project. Today I made tamales. Tomorrow I'll remix a couple of tunes for a project I produced for a friend. Every single day is different and I look forward to them as they come.

On the other hand, I really like routines. Lately I've been accompanying Anna to the U of O where she's auditing an Italian class. I go to school with her each morning and spend an hour reading and writing in the library . I bring my travel mug full of coffee, my notebook, turn my cell phone off, and allow myself to wander through the stacks and read a chapter of any book I want. It's time that I have scheduled to follow my nose a bit and I end up discovering something cool and new every day. It's an attempt to keep 'the well' full.

There's a part of all of this that I'm trying to adjust. True, I really do look forward to each day. True, I have a life of varied and interesting experience. But I have found that it is hard to finish projects in a timely manner. I might only have one day a week to devote to any number of things that I have started. The recording project with James has been crawling along for months!

I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't divide the year into quarters and devote each quarter to one or two things. Write songs. Record songs. Release record. Tour. I'd feel like I was letting a lot slip through the cracks if I did it this way, but the net result might actually prove me wrong.

Anyone out there have a work routine that is working well?

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