Snow day

Well, we got four inches of snow here on the valley floor. Not significant compared to many parts of the country, but it's enough to close the schools. Anna and I are gonna trek up to the golf course and go sledding.

I got word from Jenny Queen that she made a video for a song we wrote together last year. She's living in Australia now and her record is being released by a big label there. Pretty cool, I think. I've been tossing around the idea of going there for a work vacation sometime in 09...maybe I'll get to do a little Aussie tour with Jenny. Here's the video:

I'm scheduled to engineer something for the Eugene band Molasses tonight...I was worried that they may take a snow day too and cancel the session, but it looks like we're going to stick to the plan. They're a rootsy, bluegrassy trio and they're very much into the idea of recording the whole thing live. I'm just going to bring a tube mic and have them circle around the way they must have done in the old days. Fun!

Better hit the slopes before the snow melts...

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