Patience, patience.

Every once in a while, something comes along that is so well-suited to my personality it feels like it was meant for me. I just have to be patient and wait for them to find me. Examples:

Designer jeans with faux stains. Are you kidding? I've been wearing stained, torn jeans since freshman year of high school. I never dreamed that it would actually become so fashionable that one would have difficulty finding an un-faux-stained pair in the stores. And now that tapered jeans are back I can probably cash in all my old pairs at Buffalo Exchange.

Netflix. No late fees? Really? And I just put the movies back in the mail from whence they came? Without paying late fees? I probably paid hundreds of dollars in late fees over the course of a few years. Netflix was made for me.

Twitter. Social networking made easy. Sure, I'll feel the pressure of being witty in 140 characters or less, but I have a feeling Twitter is going to be right up my alley. See, I do want to let people know what I'm up to. I'd like to keep in touch with friends. But blogging requires more discipline than I can consistently muster. With Twitter, I can get the word out, keep in touch, and spend very little time doing it. Signup is easy as pie...to sign up and 'follow' me go to:


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