San Francisco. Haven’t been here in a while…it’s nice to be back. I spent the first twelve years of my life across the bay in Oakland…feels kinda like home. I just landed at SFO. I’ll head over to old Justin King bandmate Nadir’s place, drop off my stuff and go somewhere to watch the election unfold.

I’ve been thinking about the significance of today’s election. It will be a day that we describe to our future grandchildren, I’m sure. This morning I walked with Anna and Louis to the ballot drop box by our house and paid attention to the details…It felt very purposeful.

So, I’m at Nadir’s place now with a little time to reflect. It looks like folks are voting in record numbers this year…I hope us citizens’ interest in current affair remains strong after the election. I think mine will.

Tomorrow I play at San Jose State University…It’ll be fun to talk to the students about the goings-on.

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