The trip to Yachats was fun. We talked Anna’s mom Jane into coming along last-minute. I played six sets of music on Saturday night…I think I set a personal record. It was pretty standard; the locals came out for the show, awkward couples drank and danced to songs about heartache…Between sets I went outside with Anna to let Louis out of the car…he made friends with everyone. I had visions of myself, Anna and Louis driving around the countryside meeting new folks every night.

By the end of the night we were exhausted and retreated to the apartment above the bar. Owner Bruce is a warm, generous guy…he lets bands stay upstairs when they play at his place. We were thoroughly soaked in cigarette smoke but too tired to rinse off before bed. After trying for a few minutes it was clear that we wouldn’t be able to sleep unless they turned the jukebox off downstairs. It was on full-blast and the sound came up through the old floor loud enough that the words were perfectly audible. I got my jeans back on and went down to ask the bartender to turn it down a bit. Before I got through the door a big fella brushed past me and in an instant he was brawling with some guy at the bar. The bartenders were shrieking…I turned around and went back upstairs to wait it out. Anna and I watched from the window above as the big guy stormed out of the bar and wandered up the street into the dark. The jukebox was still blasting so I went back down. One bartender was nursing a guy’s wounds at a table…the other was behind the bar. She said something about her finger getting messed up in the fight and held it up for me to see. It didn’t look messed up at all…I made some vaguely sympathetic comment and then asked her if she could turn the jukebox down because it was 2:30 and we were trying to sleep upstairs.

We woke up mid-morning, loaded the car, and went for coffee up the street at a little hippie café. Coffee was good, pastries were so-so (a little too sweet and spongy). We ate and went to the cabin bass-player Jerry rented. He was making breakfast for everyone but we couldn’t stay…had to leave for home soon and we wanted Louis to have a chance to run around on the beach first. The fresh air was great…it kept trying to rain but never really did. It would sprinkle for a minute and then just clear up. We ran around in the sand with Louis…he would probably run all the way to Canada if we let him.

Back in Eugene now, we’ve seen two movies at the Bijou that were excellent… ‘Tell No One’ and ‘Frozen River’. I’m glad we have a theater in town with great movies and cheap popcorn.

This week I play in Portland and twice in Chicago…I get excited when I travel, but my home life is so entirely wonderful that can’t help but feel a little down when I think about leaving. I have a couple of days off in Chicago…maybe I’ll go visit my cousin in St. Louis.

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