It’s been nice around here. A little press, some fun shows…the summer has been good.

I feel more and more like I’m able to stay on top of the huge list of ‘to do’ items. My thoughts have moved from “how do I stay afloat” to “how do I grow my business”. I like the challenge…it’s like a real-life sudoku puzzle. I’m just happy to have a little breathing room to try and sort it out.

I’m trying to get my home recording setup together. I’ve done a bit of recording and mixing for friends and I’ve really loved it…I’m hoping to do more, so I have put some effort into making my space more functional. I now own a patchbay. I got a keyboard, too! It’s a project…I’ve learned to solder pretty well…hopefully I haven’t given myself lead poisoning from all of the fumes.

This weekend will be fun. I play with the Pink Floyd tribute band ‘The Floydian Slips’ at the Cuthbert amphitheater in Eugene. Last time we played there a couple thousand people showed up. Go figure. It’s a lot of fun to bang away at some good music, and the audience just eats it up.

Then, camping. Anna and I will take our pup Louis up to Fall Creek…we found an excellent swimming hole and I’m dying to jump in again!

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