Labor Day

Off to the coast for a double-header. First, I’ll play a little dinnertime set at the Drift Inn in Yachats for the Labor Day vacation-eers. I’ve heard it’s not a bad gig. Hopefully I won’t have too many requests for Cat Stevens…actually, I could probably learn a couple of his tunes on the drive over…

Then, I’ll literally walk across the street to join my buddies Rich, Jerry, and John for a few sets of uninhibited rocking at the Landmark. It’s a special place where the sole purpose is to have fun. Anyone not doing so will be kicked out without a refund.

It’s nice. Neither of these are glamorous gigs, even if played wearing the rosiest-colored glasses. But Anna and Louis are coming along, as are the wives, partners, and kids of the rest of the band. We’ll eat, drink and sleep for free, and we’ll all come home with a little dough. It’s a coastal getaway for the Labor Day weekend, and it’s the kind of thing that makes life fun.

If I remember to take pics of the Landmark, I’ll post ‘em.



It’s been nice around here. A little press, some fun shows…the summer has been good.

I feel more and more like I’m able to stay on top of the huge list of ‘to do’ items. My thoughts have moved from “how do I stay afloat” to “how do I grow my business”. I like the challenge…it’s like a real-life sudoku puzzle. I’m just happy to have a little breathing room to try and sort it out.

I’m trying to get my home recording setup together. I’ve done a bit of recording and mixing for friends and I’ve really loved it…I’m hoping to do more, so I have put some effort into making my space more functional. I now own a patchbay. I got a keyboard, too! It’s a project…I’ve learned to solder pretty well…hopefully I haven’t given myself lead poisoning from all of the fumes.

This weekend will be fun. I play with the Pink Floyd tribute band ‘The Floydian Slips’ at the Cuthbert amphitheater in Eugene. Last time we played there a couple thousand people showed up. Go figure. It’s a lot of fun to bang away at some good music, and the audience just eats it up.

Then, camping. Anna and I will take our pup Louis up to Fall Creek…we found an excellent swimming hole and I’m dying to jump in again!


More press!

Man...I blushed when I read this. Full disclosure: Ryan Wines is the manager of The Dimes. Pet Marmoset is the name of his management company and blog. He and I have become friends over the past year, so it's entirely possible that this review is biased. Then again, he never hesitates to say exactly what he's thinking...

The review can be read here:

Pet Marmoset