Ahhh...the first hint of summer. Oregon winters are long. True, I spent this winter in Los Angeles going for runs at the beach and buying fruit at the farmer's markets...still, I've been in Eugene since February and it has been gray, gray, gray.

The emergence of the sun seems like a metaphor. There is a changing of seasons for me...the process of making a record is long and in most cases everyone is ready for it to be done before it's actually complete. I feel a distinct sense of relief...like the first day of hot weather.

Now I can move on to other things. I'll be booking shows, sending the record out for reviews, trying to get it on radio and tv, etc. It's exciting to start a new phase of the project. I have no idea what it will bring, how far it will reach, what to expect...I guess I'm just glad to have made an addition to the body of work, and to have a chance to give it a push.

I'm going camping.

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