The 3 Hour Tour!!!

I just confirmed a spot on the 3 Hour Tour in Newport Beach, CA on Sunday, May 4th, 2008. It’s 1 boat, 1 afternoon, 1 dozen musicians (including me!) and 200 fans of music and it’s going to be a blast! Confirmed acts include Shane Alexander, Aaron Beaumont, Ernie Halter, Josh Hoge, Sonia Leigh, Jay Nash, Chris Pierce, Amber Rubarth, Joey Ryan, Dawn Thomas and Tyrone Wells (subject to change without notice). 

Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 15th. They're expected to sell out quickly and are $50 + $2 PayPal service fee per person (all ages, 21+ recommended) and include: an afternoon on a yacht, access to all performances, a hearty buffet and a compilation CD.


A Dime

I tried to keep it down as long as I could but it wouldn't stay. I called up to the guy who was driving. "Hey Ryan...could you pull over? I'm going to throw up." That was the second to last day on tour with The Dimes.

The Dimes is a band from Portland. I've gotten to know them over the past few years because we've played a number of shows together in Portland and Eugene. They are a great band and their new record is very good. They're getting some attention from college radio stations and magazines like Spin, and they're working hard to keep the momentum going. They have been wanting to add another musician to fill out their live show so they asked me. I said yes, please. My first tour with them was last week, a quick little run to California's Bay Area.

They picked me up around 10pm. We drove through the night to make it in time for our first engagement at the campus radio station at Stanford. None of us got more than a couple of hours of low-quality sleep and we were all pretty foggy by the time we arrived in Palo Alto. Most of the day was a blur; we played three times in various places around the south bay, went to a cool music store, and ate at a mexican restaurant that served beergaritas. I couldn't partake...I was just too tired.

The next day was great. I was refreshed. We slept at Pierre's friend's office in Berkeley and after a tasty breakfast at Tomate we were ready to rock.

The next couple of days were fun. We played a few shows for fresh-faced college students who seemed to really like what we were doing. I liked what we were doing too. We played a great little place called Monterey Live, in Monterey. The folks at the venue were great...Josh the booker made us feel very comfy and at the end of the night he came out of the kitchen carrying baskets full of quesadillas for us to eat. Delish. He told us about a party by the beach and, despite the fact that we had to rise early the next morning to make the seven hour drive back to Oregon, we went. I kept my cool...I wasn't feeling up to being rowdy.

After not enough sleep we got in the van and went to Compagno's Deli where the guys introduced me to Bennett Compagno. This guy was great. He made us sandwiches the size of small children and as a special treat he gave us all pieces of cake equal in size to the huge sandwiches, on the house. We thanked Bennett, took our sandwiches and cake, and headed north.

We left late. We were scheduled to play two shows: a benefit for a friend of the band and a short opening set at a bar in Ashland and we were cutting it very close. I had a bit of a headache so I decided to get some sleep. I woke up an hour later...the mild headache I went to sleep with had become almost unbearable. I don't get headaches often and I honestly never quite understood what people meant when they described the experience. This was awful...it made me nauseous. It wasn't long before I had to have the guys pull the van over so I could throw up Bennett Campagno's sandwich and cake on the gravel shoulder of Interstate 5.

We made it to Medford in time to play a quick little acoustic set. Then we hustled down to Ashland to play a last-minute show opening for a local blues band at a place called Alex's. I was feeling well enough by then to have a plate of quesadillas. Ah, quesadillas. These last two shows were a lot of fun...we really seemed to play with some authority and cohesion.

We're playing again at Dante's in Portland this week...I'm looking forward to playing the tunes with the guys again.