Last Days in Los Angeles part 2

The hourglass is down to its last few grains of sand, so to speak. I'm trying to fit as much in as I can before I go. It's been a busy week!

I wrote a tune with Priscilla Ahn yesterday. She's great! We debuted the tune last night at a benefit for Doctors Without Borders at the Hotel Cafe. Good cause, lots of nice folks. Good stuff. Priscilla's new record will be released sometime soon on Blue Note...I heard it recently and it's really very good.

A few hours ago I was at Kirk Wheeler's house. Kirk is mixing the record (and doing a wonderful job, I might add). Sounds like he'll have it done sometime in the next few weeks. Woo hoo! He is also a great songwriter and has just released a record of his own. Track him down at www.kirkwheelermusic.com

Kirk turned me on to a webite...www.last.fm

It looks like a great music-based networking site. So far so good.

I'm sleepy.



Last days in Los Angeles part 1

Well, the record is really very close to completion. Close enough for me to make plans to move back to Oregon, anyway. My sweetie is going to fly down in a week, we'll spend a day hanging out at the beach, and then pack up and drive home. I'm excited.

It's hard to believe I've been here since October. I made a lot of progress in the way of carving out a life for myself here. There are things that I've found in Los Angeles that are specific to this place and I'll miss them. Ultimately, though, there are great rewards to be found elsewhere. I really like Oregon and I'll be happy to be there again. At least until I find somewhere else to go.

I'll always associate my time here with little things. I ate a lot of Trader Joe's beans and rice. I spent a lot of time on the patio listening to the freeway sounds. I spent a lot of time at a standstill on the 405 north.

It's interesting to experience such important life events without the company of long-time friends or family. I made some great friends here and I have really enjoyed them. Still, they don't know the significance of this time in the context of the rest of my life. I guess sometimes this music thing can get a little lonely in that way.

So, I'll be home again soon. This time I'll have a record, an education, and some new friends to show for all of my effort. Nice!