The Record.

Man...time flies. Really.

I left Eugene for Los Angeles. Eugene was nice enough, but she just couldn't give me what I needed. I suppose I wasn't as good to her as I could have been. Maybe we can work things out somewhere down the road.

Los Angeles is exciting! I have been here for a few weeks now, and I'm settling in. I hit the ground running; a couple days after I arrived I began work on The Record (I capitalize because it feels more real in proper noun form). Zac Rae offered to produce The Record in his studio, 'The Bank'. Burbank, California. Suburbs. It has been great, and Zac's involvement has been truly wonderful. For 10 days he and I worked, elbow to elbow, for long hours with only the occasional break to visit the taco stand next door. We weren't totally alone, though. Blair Sinta (drums) and Sean Hurley (bass) came in for two days and played some amazing stuff. We did nine songs in that short time and I'm really happy with the results. All three guys are talented in ways that I've only read about in music magazines. I felt lucky and silly at the same time. It was like fantasy baseball camp, where you get to spend a week playing ball alongside the pros. Oh...as an extra special treat, David Immergluck came by for a few hours and played some beautiful pedal steel, mandolin, and dobro. It was spicy.

There's still a bit of work to do before we mix. I'm aiming for completion this year, with a release in early '08. Totally feasible, and somewhat likely to happen.

Man...seems like I move from one transitional phase to the next. I wonder if I have grown so accustomed to constant motion that I actually seek it out. Maybe so.

I moved into a place in Culver City, adjacent to Venice. It's nice to walk to Trader Joe's and the chinese restaurant around the corner. It's nice to drive a mile or two to the beach.

I just took a temporary job teaching enrichment classes in an after school program for elementary school kids. I'll do it through December and see if I want to continue...I'm glad to have something to think about besides my career. Kids are refreshing.

Wow...I feel like a rusty writer. My blog muscles are flabby. Sorry for the absence, and I'll try to stay on track from now on.