Testing, testing

wintertime comes
warning in advance that
it is on its way

trees wave their red and orange goodnights
and slowly undress and prepare themselves
for the long sleep

creatures get their jobs done;
collect some food,
grow their hair out
and hope that their babies
grew big enough this spring and summer
to make it through a winter alone
should they need to

i say my goodbyes to the summer things.
for months they have been there
when i looked out the window
or walked out amongst them.

they have been my friends.

when i wanted a body to lean against
every tree offered its own

when i wanted to gaze into deep eyes
the pond sat still in front of me
dark and unblinking

i have an idea to go south this winter
so i say my goodbyes.

i say them silently
(i think nature is telepathic)


l.ementary said...

Great poem. You're a real talent!

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