Show (s)

Well, things are moving right along. I'm playing a show tonight in Eugene with some good buddies. Sean Peterson and Rich Sellars will help me rock out at Sam Bond's Garage, and The Dimes will rock out there too. I like Rich, Sean and The Dimes very much.

I realized recently that I have some baggage left over from growing up playing baseball. Ballplayers, you see, are very superstitious. You'll never see a guy step on the chalk line on his way out to the field. Mitts, bats and hats might be lucky or unlucky. Each guy has his own set of things which he believes, if done properly (or not done at all), might influence the outcome of the game. Some guys wear the same undershirt every time they play. Some guys don't shave on game day.

I haven't played organized baseball in years but I'm still a little superstitious. I'd like to let you all know about some fun news related to making the record but I'm afraid I might jinx it and everything will fall through. I can't help it.

As soon as my plans are firm and unlikely to change, I'll clue everyone in.

In the meantime, come to a show! I'll be in Chicago soon, among other places. Also, my old bandmates, Justin King and the Apologies, are about to embark on another national tour. Check their schedule...they're probably coming to a town near you!

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