Working away...

Good news, good news. The tunes are coming along nicely this week. I have 'Land on You' mostly done and I've started recording another brand new one. Justin King has been generous enough to let me use his studio every once in a while, so my anxiety about getting good sounds is greatly reduced. I'm not sure if I've ever given Justin his due thanks...he has helped many times in many ways.

I met with a new friend for coffee yesterday. Brooke is a Eugenian who has been out in the world for the past few years and she has a ton of experience as a songwriter. She and I are planning to get together this week to co-write. Co-writing is something that the Eugene community hardly ever does, but is totally commonplace in NY, LA, Nashville, Austin, etc. I'm glad to have met someone here who is hip to it.

I have a couple of production things coming up in August...I'm excited to have a chance to be part of someone else's creative process. The artists are both great...

A good friend, Jenny Queen, is about to record an album...she and I wrote a bunch of tunes last time I was in NY; hopefully a few of them will make the cut.

Still assembling songs for my record. I'd like to write one or two more tunes that aren't about love relationships...we'll see. Fiona Apple gets away with it.

I'll be exploring a new creek this week. Heard there are some great swimming holes nearby, in case you were wondering.

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