Oregon Country Fair

The Oregon Country Fair is a scene, to say the least. For three days each year the tiny town of Veneta, Oregon, is overrun by thousands of hippies. They come from all over to reunite and have been for over thirty years...it's a place where peace, love, and the ideals of the 60's generation rule. There are half a dozen stages or more...music is played 'round the clock. I played at 11 am on Saturday morning to an enthusiastic audience. I made some new friends and saw some old ones...

I spent most of each day behind the counter at my friend's tamale booth serving food to hungry fairgoers. The rest of the time was spent walking around, listening to bands, and watching folks go by. I didn't have time, space, or energy to write anything at all. I'm home again and anxious to spend some time with my guitar.

I'll start recording soon. I'm looking forward to it. There's a certain kind of creative head space that I've only experienced in the studio. All else takes the back seat and I focus entirely on the work. I think I'll have some friends play on the new songs...I like doing everything myself but I think it's better to have more folks involved. It's like dogs; purebreds are fancy but mutts are usually the most healthy and free of neuroses.

Perhaps I'll post some demos this week...

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