Eugene blues

I'm not as good at maintaining routines as I'd like to be. I have a hard time adhering to schedules, even when they're self-imposed. This is not always the case; I exercise every day, alternating between running and swimming. I look forward to it and do it faithfully, rain or shine. So, why can't I make myself sit down and write every day? Who knows. Maybe the key is to find the routines that work, not work to make the routines fit.

For a few weeks now I've been getting up every day between six and seven AM and doing chores. My folks have horses and, especially since my mom broke her finger, they can always use an extra hand. So I've put myself on an early-to-bed schedule. Well...a few nights ago a friend had a housewarming party and I felt the need to attend. It was fun; I talked about fishing with a guy, Minnesota with a girl, et., etc. It was close to my bedtime when someone suggested that we move to the bar a block away. I was about to make the usual excuses but, for some reason, I chose to go along with the gang. I would be tired the next morning, for sure. I didn't care. I'm reckless.

The Vet's Club is just what the name implies...kind of an 'old guy' hangout. Vinyl seats and smoke stains on the walls...clientele of the older-middle-aged variety. We walked up and milled around the entrance, trying to decide if it was worth it to pay the cover charge to get in. After a few minutes of this the door guy let us in for free. Nice. I walked to the bar and placed my order, and I was halfway through my first swallow when I realized that the blues band on stage was pretty good. Wait...really good! I recognized the hammond player; he's been kicking around Eugene for years and years. I didn't know the other guys in the band. The drummer was a young guy, everyone else was fifty or so, and he was rocking pretty hard and seemed to really love it. The other guys were great, too. I haven't cared to listen to a blues guitar solo for about five years but these guys were undeniably good. It was perfect; funky bar, dim lights, blues band, cold beer. I really liked it and I didn't even think about leaving until they finished their set. I walked out of there feeling pretty inspired and like I had become reacquainted with an old friend. It's good to watch people do what they love. It's also good to know when to bend your own rules.

The past couple of days have been so-so in regards to the record. I've been focusing in on the near view, thinking about lyrics and bits and pieces. I need to pull back a bit and try to get a handle on the overall record. I feel good about the way each song is coming along but I'm not sure how they'll all fit together as a whole. One of the challenges of doing everything yourself is maintaining perspective, or multiple perspectives. Forest for the trees and so on. I often think about the conversations I had with Rob Schnapf while we were working on the Justin record. He found the zoom-in, zoom-out thing to be a challenge too. He handled it quite well. It's just part of the role of the producer to keep track of this kind of stuff. I have found myself wishing I had another producer to work with. At the same time, I want to learn everything I can through this process. I have a feeling that the value of making this record will mostly be in the education I am receiving by doing it this way.



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I am a real person. I am so pleased with this blog entry! Fun made your work flow! That is good!

Radikelsey said...

PS- That was Leona accidentally logged in as Kelsey.