It never rains in Colorado except for every time I've ever been here, ever. For real. Every single time I come here the locals say "It doesn't usually rain so much. We usually see the sun 350 days a year!" Yesterday there was a big storm with thunder and rain and everything.

For a second I thought that I might have some effect on the weather systems, making it rain wherever I go. No...I remember there being a drought in California when I was a youngster. People were saying "If it's yellow, let it mellow..." and things of that nature. I have a vivid memory of a teacher explaining how to turn off the water while soaping and shampooing in the shower. Conserve, she said. It's for the environment. She told us not to water our lawns during the day, or at all if we could help it. At ten years old we were probably not making those decisions for our households. Still, it was good to know.

I've been thinking in metaphors and analogies lately. Food, gambling...I'll try another one.

It's either flood or drought, lately:

no record deal.
home, broke.
home, broke.

What I mean to say is, life's weather is unpredictable and varies greatly from day to day. It seems like every time the sun comes out I can hardly get my shorts, towel, sunscreen, and flip flops out before it's raining again.

I don't mean this as a complaint. I'm learning things.

It's the same for everyone, especially in the music biz. I was just talking to a producer friend of mine about this very subject. He's well established and works steadily most of the time. Right now, though, he's not working at all. Why? Who knows...surely not for lack of talent, experience or connections. Drought.

I guess the key is to find ways to persist through any conditions. The happiest people are the ones who do this well.

Anyway, I have a couple of days left in Denver before I go to New York. I'll do a lot of writing while I'm there and I hope to come home with a batch of new material.

I booked a last minute show in Eugene on June 28th at Luna. Jessica Parsons-Taylor will be playing too...she's good! I'll have a little time in Eugene before I take another trip, this time to Nashville. Giddyup!

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Alexis said...

Weird! I'm thinking of calling the album "Flood or Drought," so I googled "Flood or Drought + music" to see if any already exist, and this blog entry was the 6th link to come up. At first I thought it must have to do with our recording session, but it's totally unrelated. I think it's a sign...