The weather is exciting

I had such a routine going with all of this blogging; once every three or four days, with metaphors and common themes...leave it to New York to break me of a good habit.

Everything is going well out here. The weather is exciting; sunny days for the most part, with the occasional thunder-and-lightning storm. On Father's Day I went to Mike's folks' place about an hour outside of the city. His folks were gone somewhere. It was nice to be in the country. I talked to my dad on the phone...I made a passing comment about having doubt that I'm on the right track. He said I am and that I should keep going. I'll take that advice.

The rest of the time I've been writing. The purpose of this trip is to write with Jenny Queen, a friend and fellow songwriter whose last record did well enough to warrant a follow-up. She writes words and I write music...it's fun. We've written 5 songs so far and I believe we'll add a couple more before I go back home. She's happy with the results, which makes me happy.

I've spent some time in Prospect Park watching Little League ballgames. Mike and I got a whiffle ball and bat and played 9 innings. He won by 2. I'll get him next time.

I read 'Coraline' by Neil Gaiman. He's a great writer. I just started another one of his books called 'American Gods'. I'm getting through it pretty quickly.

Looks like I'll spend a fair amount of time at home this summer. I've decided that all of this moving around spreads me too thin. I need to buckle down and record some more tunes. I need to make a record. I've been listening to Lyle Lovett, Patty Griffin, and Lucinda Williams more than ever. I have a feeling that the record will reflect that. There's something so sincere about their music and I'd like to aim for the same thing. Plus, I'm totally enthralled by pedal steel guitar.

I'm in a coffee shop in Brooklyn. Zep's 'Rain Song' is playing on the stereo and it's raining outside.

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