Recipies and Metaphors Thereof.

Life is like cooking from scratch with no recipe to follow. Yes, I'm attempting to be deep. Stay with me…

It's true. You have your refrigerator full of food, your cupboard full of seasonings and, if you're lucky, a little herb garden in the backyard. Maybe even a fruit tree, too. With these you make what you can. It's a process of trial and error, adjustments and discoveries. "Too much salt. A little sweeter. More protein needed." Unfortunately, you can't just stick to the same recipe every day, even if you find one you really like. Ingredients go bad. Tastes change. Etc., etc.

I use food for my metaphor because I'm hungry at the moment. Also, because it seems to work. Also, because I'm hungry.

Really, though. A month ago I was on tour with my friends, seeing the country, meeting new people in new places. It was a diet rich in heavy stuff; steak and eggs, cheese and beer. Full all the time. Then I made the decision to switch things up. I needed fruit and fiber. I needed fresh. I needed regularity.

I quit the band and said goodbye to my friends. It was time for me to push myself off in a new direction. It felt like jumping ship and rowing off in a little life raft out in the deep water and big swells of the ocean. Sorry…different metaphor. It felt like emptying my fridge and cupboard of its contents and then realizing that I would be hungry again soon.

Now I'm in the process of shopping for things to eat. Nice, because I can try new things and experiment a little. Difficult, because I need to eat every day and I don't exactly have the budget to stock the kitchen with good stuff to last.

I think I've worn this metaphor out.

What I mean to say is, here I am. So different from just a month ago. I'm in LA for a week trying to make something out of a few connections and the idea that I should write songs for a living. I have an idea of where to begin and what the end result should be, but the whole middle part is still very fuzzy. Do I sautee? Roast? Simmer? Barbeque?

I have to operate under the assumption that things will work out in the end. I just don't know where my next meal will come from, so to speak (I guess there's a little more to squeeze from the metaphor). I am not to the point of eating plant leaves or bugs, but I am starting to feel the hunger pangs coming on.

So, I'm working on my recipe. I've written two and a half songs in the past couple of days. Feels great; I hadn't written a song in weeks and weeks. I have my protein. Now I need some seasoning.


jana said...

grin. are you a raw foodist, ebbage?

just kidding...

L-ementary said...

I think the way you express yourself is delightful!