Betting in Las Vegas

What is so enticing about putting money into a machine, pulling a handle and watching wheels spin? Does anyone really expect to win big? Is the activity really interesting enough to spend money on it? What are people thinking?

I pulled the handle and lost the last 25 cents of the two dollars I allowed myself to play. Las Vegas airport, 8:00 AM, and I was wasting time while I waited to board a plane to Denver. Slot machines in the airport...we're a funny people. I had been up for 4 hours already and I was feeling a bit punchy. I took deep drinks from my cup of coffee and thought about the previous night.

It was my last night in LA. I'd spent the day working, but in a relaxed manner. Nadir (former band mate and current lodging provider) and I went to Venice beach to have lunch with a friend. I spent the rest of the day trying to finish a new song about people who make bad decisions.

Nadir had a gig that night; I was torn...on one hand, he's my buddy and I wanted to show my support. On the other hand, it would mean staying out late and getting little sleep as I had to wake up at 4:30 am to get myself to the airport. I decided I needed to see the show. He had been hired by an actor-turned-musician, Bryan Greenberg, who is starring in a new show on tv. The club was full of youngish girls who wanted to get an in-person look at the hunky actor. It was quite a scene...a couple of famous faces and industry bigshots were there.

As expected, I got home later than I'd wanted to and I got just a few hours of restless sleep before I got up to go to the airport.

So my layover in Las Vegas got me thinking. Is playing a slot machine in an airport really so different from betting on a career as a musician? Like sacrificing money to the machine, a musician sacrifices parts of his/her life with the idea that it might pay off in the end. I try to work towards this career in a practical way, but there is still so much left to chance. So many things are entirely out of my control and all I can do is hope that I am dealt a hand that I can play with. It creates some stress but at the same time it's quite exciting.

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