On the road again

Tomorrow begins the first real solo tour in over three years. It’s not a marathon, cross-country 8 week tour like the ones I became accustomed to while playing with Justin King and the guys; it’s a more modest string of west coast dates. Still, it’s a tour, and I’m getting excited. Fun and unexpected things happen on the road.

I’ll play shows in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles, with a good ol’ Southern Oregon house concert thrown in for good measure. The San Francisco show should be great...I'm on a bill with The Bittersweets, a cool rootsy/country/americana group that has been gaining some momentum. Cafe du Nord is a great venue and it'll be my first time playing there. When I get to LA I’ll hang around a while, writing and recording with a few friends, which will hopefully yield some good stuff. I’ll try to see Jon Brion’s show at Largo and I may even sit on the beach for a day. I’m an adult, and I can make my own decisions.

Today I was asked to go to NYC to help a friend finish the songs for her upcoming record. I’ll head out there immediately following the tour (which means another entire month away from home). Yesterday I was wondering how I would fill my time in June…today I’m juggling to make everything fit. Funny how things go…still not complaining.

If I can keep all of these plates spinning I’ll have a pretty productive summer. Of course, I’ll make sure to leave some time to update my blog…


alparkhu said...

Ehren, It is good to keep up with what is going on in your world. Daniel is hoping to make it up to Eugene for the reunion, but is unsure of how it will work. Things can change so quickly. Did you know that we are now expecting our third little one? A boy this time. We are having a really hard time with names so if you have any suggestions pass them our way!!
Take care on the road!
- Mandi Parkhurst

L-ementary said...

Good job!

Stephanie June said...

we were locker mates?